RIU - Research Into Use
This website aims to be the key repository of information for the all aspects of the RIU programme. The website allows RIU to share ideas, plans and emerging lessons. However, we also want to facilitate web audiences to interact with RIU, providing feedback, suggestions, comments and other input, thereby helping to shape the lessons we disseminate.

The design, content and functionality of the new website has been guided by a set of principles:
  • to make it easy to find content – even if you don’t have prior knowledge of the RIU programme
  • to provide access to materials developed between 2006-2009, giving 'health warnings' on material which is no longer current. This is includes a reworking of the extensive RNRRS database
  • to encourage online feedback and debate through points of contact
  • to facilitate and encourage early sharing of ideas and information from the programme
  • to feature multi-media content, including RIUtv and RIUradio, to allow audiences to hear about projects from the most relevant people in their own words

We are also utilising blogs - which we call 'updates' in an attempt to diffuse 'blog-anxiety' on the part of the writers and overcome the prejudice that blogs are only suited to light-weight and trivial issues. These are particularly useful for sharing emerging news and stories.

In August 2010 RIUtv News was added to the website, this is a monthly web-cast news bulleting and it is supported by RIU Highlights which is a listing of all the news from RIU.

Ian Maudlin, RIU Director, introduces Research Into Use, explains its aims and outlines the impacts the programme hopes to achieve. November 2009 (3:55)   RIUtv
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