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RIU's draft discussion papers will be posted online. By sharing emerging findings and ideas, RIU hopes to stimulate debate and discussion with different stakeholders and audiences. We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts and observations in response to the materials. See also emerging lessons.

RIU published all comments receives on the papers it has commissioned. All papers are produced under a creative commons license and we subscribe to the creative commons legal code.

Discussion paper 27
Putting Research into use: Lessons from contested visions of innovations
Author: Andy Hall
April 2012

Discussion paper 26
Putting Research into Use: A Market Failure Approach
Author: Norman Clark, Andy Frost, Ian Maudlin, Paul Seward, Henry Wainwright and Andrew Ward
September 2011

Discussion paper 25
Missing the target: Lesson from enabling innovation in South Asia
Author: TS Vamsidhar Reddy, Rasheed Sulaiman V and Andy Hall
September 2011

Discussion paper 24
Beyond Biosafety Regulation: Implications for putting biotechnology research into use in a developing country context
Author: Ann Kingiri
September 2011

Discussion paper 23
Exploring mechanisms for putting research into use: Evidence from RIU's value chain-oriented projects in South Asia
Authors: TS Vamsidhar Reddy, Rasheed Sulaiman and Andy Hall
August 2011

Discussion paper 22
Emerging development-relevant enterprises in Kenya: Do they exist, what do they look like and what is their role in poverty alleviation?
Author: Andrew O Adwera
August 2011

Discussion paper 21
NERICA seed versus local landraces: Another battle of the paradigms?
Author: Maija Hirvonen
August 2011

Discussion paper 20
Research Into Use: An institutional history of the RIU Nigeria country programme
Author: Maija Hirvonen
July 2011

Discussion paper 19
Brokering in practice: The experience of the RIU Malawi Country Programme
Author: Maija Hirvonen
July 2011

Discussion paper 18
Embedding research into use ideas in the policy space: The case of RIU Nigeria and Sierra Leone
Author: Utiang P Ugbe
July 2011

Discussion paper 17
Functions and forms of brokerage in the Malawi fisheries platform
Author: Elias Madzudzo
July 2011

Discussion paper 16
Necessary but not sufficient: Information and communication technology and its role in putting research into use
Authors: Rasheed Sulaiman V, Andy Hall, N J Kalaivani, Kumuda Dorai and T S Vamsidhar Reddy
June 2011
This paper is scheduled for publication in The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension
Date of publication: unknown

Discussion paper 15
Dynamics of bioscience regulation and opportunities for bioscience innovation in Africa: Exploring regulatory policy and brokering
Authors: Ann Kingiri and Andy Hall
June 2011

Discussion paper 14
The when and the where of research into agricultural innovation trajectories: Evidence and implications from RIU's South Asia projects
Authors: T S Vamsidhar Reddy, Andy Hall and Rasheed Sulaiman V
June 2011
Related paper: Locating Research in Agricultural Innovation Trajectories: Evidence and implications from Empirical Cases from South Asia
Publisher: Oxford University Press - the Journal of Science and Public Policy
Authors: T S Vamsidhar Reddy, Andy Hall and Rasheed Sulaiman V
Publication date: to be announced

Discussion paper 13
Beyond knowledge brokerage: An exploratory study in innovation intermediaries in an evolving smallholder agricultural system in Kenya
Authors: Catherine W Kilelu, Laurens Klerkx, Cees Leeuwis and Andy Hall
May 2011

Discussion paper 12
Organised retailing of fresh fruit and vegetables: Opportunities for putting research into use?
Authors: Rasheed Sulaiman V, N J Kalaivani, Jatinder Handoo, T S Vamsidhar Reddy, Kumuda Dorai and Andy Hall
May 2011

Discussion paper 11
Studying rural innovation management: A framework and early findings from RIU in South Asia
Authors: Rasheed Sulaiman V, Andy Hall, T S Vamsidhar Reddy and Kumuda Dorai
January 2011

Discussion paper 10
What does innovation smell like? A conceptual framework for analysing and evaluating DFID-RIU experiments in brokering agricultural innovation and development
Author: Utiang P Ugbe
November 2010

Discussion paper 09
Africa Matters: emerging lessons from the RIU Country Programmes
Author: Jeroen Dijkman
November 2010

Discussion paper 08
The innovation trajectory of sleeping sickness control in Uganda: Research knowledge in its context
Author: John Morton
October 2010

Discussion paper 07
New organisational and institutional vehicles for managing innovation in South Asia: Opportunities for using research for technical change and social gain
Author: T S Vamsidhar Reddy, Andy Hall and Rasheed Sulaiman V
October 2010

Discussion paper 06
Gender and agricultural innovation: revisiting the debate through an innovations systems perspective
Author: Ann Kingiri
October 2010
Related paper: Rethinking gender in agriculture innovation from an innovation system's perspective
Publisher: African Centre for Technology Studies Nairobi, Kenya as a policy brief Authors: Ann Kingiri, Judi Wakhungu and Andy Hall
December 2011

Discussion paper 05
It may take a little while...
Insights on agricultural research for innovation and development in Nigeria

Author: Utiang P Ugbe
October 2010

Discussion paper 04
Putting research into use: A market failure approach
Author: Norman Clark and Ian Maudlin
September 2010

Discussion paper 03
Innovation systems, economic systems, complexity and development policy
Author: Norman Clark
September 2010

Discussion paper 02
Bottom-up, bottom-line: Development-relevant enterprises in East Africa and their significance for agricultural innovation
Authors: Andy Hall, Norman Clark and Andy Frost
July 2010
  1. Rob Burnet, ShujaazFM
    24 September 2010
  2. Henry Wainwright, The Real IPM Company (K)
    25 September 2010
  3. David Priest, FIPS-Africa
    September 2010

Discussion paper 01
Research Into Use: Investigating the relationship between agricultural research and innovation
Authors: Andy Hall, Jeroen Dijkman and Rasheed Sulaiman V
July 2010
  1. Lionel Dabbadie from CIRAD
    5 September 2010

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