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RIU launches a monthly TV news bulletin
24 August 2010

The RIU portfolio consists of over 40 different initiatives spread across nine sub-Saharan African countries with other work on-going in Asia. To share the emerging lessons and report impact RIU has launched a monthly web-based television news bulletin.

Keith Sones, head of communications at RIU, said:
'We have a very content-rich website with a great deal of new material being posted regularly, but some people reported that they found this a bit overwhelming. Clearly we needed to find a way to bring attention to what is new and exciting and we have done this in two ways. Firstly we have introduced a new monthly TV news bulletin which is presented by ex-BBC anchor Nik Woods who is the RIUtv correspondent. Secondly, we have introduced RIU Highlights. The contents of the Highlights and the news bulletin are the same; this means that if you want to find more information about a featured story you can quickly find further information by following the links to the website.'
The first RIUtv News bulletin and Highlights covers activities in July and August 2010.
RIU Highlights
RIUtv News

Nik Wood introduces RIUtv News end of RIU phase 1: Special Report (20:00). RIU highlights newsletter links to the latest items in the RIU website: SUBSCRIBE HERE   RIUtv
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