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Tanzania is a rich country in terms of natural wealth, especially in the agricultural sector.

Population Around 40 million people live in Tanzania, including 1 million on the islands of Zanzibar. Population growth is about 3% a year.

Source: Tanzania National Projections, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 2006
Land area Mainland 945,000 square kilometres or 378,000 square miles
Life expectancy Male: 51 years
Female: 53 years

Source: World Press, 2001 estimate
GNI per capita US$ 366 (2007)

Source: data.un.org
Gross national income per capita 2008 Mainland only: US$ 430

Source: World Bank
Growth rate Economic growth has been strong since 2000 with annual GDP increases of between 5% and 7% each year.

Source: UN - Poverty and Human Development Report, Government of Tanzania, 2007
Work force Agriculture 80%
Idustry, commerce, government 20%

Source: US State Department

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