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Andy Frost
RIU deputy director
Directorate update
The RIU deputy director has the last word...
January 2013

The Research Into Use programme (RIU) came to a close on 31st December 2012.

The RIU was commissioned in 2006 to address ways to scale up successful innovations from agricultural research. The intention of RIU was to deliver the impact from the 10-year (1995 to 2005) DFID-funded suite of programmes on Renewable Natural Resources (RNRRS).


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Impact evaluation is intended to support accountability and learning; encourage strategic engagement by all stakeholders; and help justify continued investment in development by the UK government.
The RIU programme aims to accumulate and evaluate evidence to shape and share lessons on how best to enable innovation in the agricultural sector so as to achieve social and economic gains in diverse developing country settings.
RIU shares emerging lessons and discussion papers which will form the basis of a series of journal articles.
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