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Armyworm presentation scores advocacy success
26 September 2010

A case study incorporating the DFID-RIU funded project on armyworm control was well received at the International Food Security and Safety meeting, hosted by the Society of Experimental Biology and Lancaster University between 13-15 September 2010.

This interdisciplinary symposium was a unique opportunity for policy makers, donors and scientists, representing a wide range of disciplines, (natural and social) to share their research information and expertise on the problems of global food production at a time of population growth and climate change.

The armyworm presentation focused on the use of SpexNPV as a biocontrol agent: its ecology, its effectiveness, how it could be used and the barriers to its uptake across the East and Southern African region where it is a problem.

The armyworm findings were presented by Ken Wilson of Lancaster University. His session was entitled 'Enhancing food security by local production of biological control against insect crop pests: Africa armyworms as a case study.'

Papers from the conference will be published soon in a special edition of the Journal of Experimental Botany.

Andy Ward from the RIU team said:
"I was delighted to see that this presentation was really well received by the audience. It is important that the story of research into use is shared with the international natural and social science communities and that the project staff get a chance for feedback from their peers. We are also delighted that the presentation will become a paper in a prestige journal".

The conference recognised that addressing food security requires diverse knowledge-capacities, practical skills, and resources to achieve sustainability. It considered three major components of food security:

  • Food availability (production, distribution, and exchange)
  • Food access (affordability, allocation, and preference)
  • Food utilization (nutritional value, social value, food safety, wastage)

armyworm SEB symposium
Ingo Potrykus, Gebisa Ejeta, Matthew Reynolds, Kathy Kahn, Lusike Wasilwa, Geoff Tansey, Bill Davies, Neil Baker, Linus Opara at the International Food Security and Safety meeting.

An update showing the impact of community forecasting in the fight against armyworm.
May 2010
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